Jeep body shell Available

We are From Jeep clinic, Coimbatore. We have Fully Restored Custom built Willy’s,Classic,MM540,MM550,Compleat Modified, jeeps in both 2wd/4wd options.
 EX ARMY Jeeps are built regularly against orders as per customer’s choice.
All the vehicles are New registration or Tax Paid with third Party Insurance and Life tax Or FC for five years.


  We also do 

-  All type of new jeep body’s Shell Manufacturing

-  South India’s first Removable Type FRP hard top

-  Modifying Look Like Wrangler

-  Mahindra Thar Modification

-  Interior Modifications

-  Mechanical Works

-  All type of new jeep body’s

-  Body Works

-  Painting Works

-  Upholstery Works

- Off Road Wheels & tires

- 4X4 Accessories


Serious jeep lovers who are interested only need to respond.



For Details, contact Mr.Gopal in 9843968002 ,


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