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Hi all, Welcome to jeep clinic .jeep clinic get India’s first BAS ISO 9001 2008 on  Restoration & Re modification jeeps field .Your search for the open/close jeep’s end’s here.look like willysMB,willysGPW,willys cj2a,willys3a,willys cj3b,willys kaiserjeep,classicjeep,mm540,mm550,maruthi gypsy.jongajeeps,Our company provides all type’s of open/close jeep’s with all types of engines. We will satisfy all your needs by providing you all types of Modified open/close jeep’s with all types of engines. We have all types of modified open/close jeep’s with various and different type’s of engine’s. Various colors in the Modified jeep’s are also available at are site office. We are selling Modified open/close jeep’s at the different different prices according to the color and engine of the jeep. Our Gallery page will show you the different types of models of Modified open/close jeep’s. If you are interested in keeping open/close jeep’s with you and intrested in Roaming on open/close jeep’s then you can purchase the open/close jeep today from us at very attractive price’s and with in your budget. Please remember to visit our website www.jeepclinic.comGallery page in order to view different type’s of Modified open/close jeep’s and in order to purchase the open/close jeep according to your choice.




Modified jeepsOur aim is to provide Modified open/close jeeps to all those people’s whose hobby is to keep open/close jeeps with them. We are in this bussiness since long time and we are satisfying people with our best service. Our aim is to spread our bussiness all over India so, that anybody who wants to purchase Modified open/close jeeps can purchase from our company. We will satisfy all the needs of the person who wants to purchase the open/close jeep.

modified mahindra bolero

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1. Front heavy duty off road bumper

2. Front extra fog light bar

3. 12000 LBS Australian winch

4. Front d shackles

5. Bonnet scoop

5. Bonnet scoop

6. Snorkel live kit

7. Roof lights with bar

8. Front customized grill

9. Heavy duty rock sliders left and right

10. Rear heavy duty off road bumper

11. Rear Tow hook

12. 48 inches farm jack

13. Off road mud tires

14. Off road steel wheels

15. Diesel tuning kit

16. Sports seats

17. Limb riser kit

18. 20 liter jerry can with stand

19. Carbon fiber single leaf suspension

20. Rear spoiler

21. Extra luck age roof carrier

22. Wheel spacer

23. Front and rear Wrangler type wheel arch

24. Differential guard

25. Body lift kit

26. 4 Feet flag pole

27. Dash board wooden finish

28. Console box

29. Double stitch Leather finishapolz

30. Seats Alteration

Painting Edit/ Customization can also be done on the original paint

With showroom finish.Interested people can contact



Thar Hard top

20140917_104352 DSC03073 IMG_8148 jeep clinic modified thar crdeDSC_00920112 JC MODIFIED THAR CRDE (4) JC MODIFIED THAR CRDE01 Wrangler Type Hardtop14 Picture 1085 Thar di with hard top (1) Thar di with hard top (4) Copy of DSC_0510 Copy of DSC_0513 Copy of DSC_0524 2 3 Thar Hard Top



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Styled to off-road.

Love ruggedness, but can’t compromise on style? Get ready to take on tough roads with Thar  FRP hard tops. The vehicle sports a new all-over body kit, styled front & rear bumper,  a hard top and stylish  upholstery. Drive in style.

mahindra Thar modification

modified mahindra thar

modified mahindra thar

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Hi all,


We Jeep clinic are modifying Mahindra thar in to a complete

off road

vehicle with macho looks and performance equipments based

on our

customer requirements.


The modifications like new extra comfort bucket seats,various

types of

softtop,all terrain & off road tyres,alloywheels,electric

winches,frontbumpers,hi-lift jacks,diff-gaurds,army style


handles,rocksliders,roofracks,rollbars,off road lights,new

upholstery,Rubicon type tail gate,army style foldable front


shield,black out lights,search lights etc are done with utmost


and best quality.

Painting Edit/Customization can also be done on the original


with showroom finish.


interested people can contact  for further details.



Today jeepclinic Launch Adventure Type FRP hardtop

Type 5 DSC03034 DSC03035 DSC03037 DSC03038 DSC03041 DSC03043 DSC03044 DSC03047 DSC03050 DSC03063 DSC03064 DSC03068 DSC03073 DSC03075 DSC03077 DSC03085



            Removable Type FRP Hardtop’s  And  Accessories

Jeep clinic started in South india’s first for manufacturing FRP jeep products like(consolbox,variant type off fender flares, two type off snorkel kit,boneetscoop,Hardtops)

It is a removable Hard Top

Easy to fit and it can be removed easily into three pieces.

Requires no alteration in the original body, no cutting of the B-Pillar.Originality of the jeep. 

FRP Hard Top Body in Matte Black Finish. 

Heavy duty rear door shock absorber with keylock.

Rear Door can be opened from the inside, as well as the outside. 

No rattling and vibrations in FRP Hard Top.

No water leakage.

There is Five types of FRP Hard Tops

Soft corner Hard Top      {type 1}

Wrangler sharp edge High glasses  { type 2}

 Wrangler sharp edge with side windows open able {type 3}

Wrangler sharp edge with side windows short   fixed glasses  {type 4}

International model Adventure Type {type 5}


Newly designed No.1 quality Tinted glasses.

We use only ISO FRP product.

For more details – info@jeepclinic.com

Or  call 9842868008